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The S.A. Institute for Objects Conservation is a specialist training institute, unique in its home country, and of established reputation as a conservation resource facility.

The primary aim of the Institute is to foster expertise in the restoration and conservation of metals, ceramics and paper respectively and, in doing so, to accommodate persons at all levels of attainment - from absolute beginner to trained professional. A Textile Conservation Department is also currently in development.

Knowledgeable and experienced tutors will attentively consider your aspirations in recommending the appropriate course of training.

The S.A. Institute for Objects Conservation
What is objects conservation?

altObjects conservation is a profession, a science, and a highly practical field of expertise. Along with the IT specialty and others professions of our time, conservation science had gained impetus in recent decades.

In part, the science of heritage conservation deals with the restoration or preservation of man-made objects in order to safeguard or reclaim their historical or cultural value and significance, aesthetic worth or physical integrity.

What is the duration of the average course?

In respect to course lengths, The S.A. Institute for Objects Conservation offers an exceptional and proven curriculum path that relies on compact, introductory courses at novice level, supplemented by specialist, mid-career modules that subsequently guide the practitioner’s professional development. This approach succeeds at producing conservation practitioners who are equipped with an exceptional depth and range of practical bench skills - exercised in full compliance with widely accepted vocational practices, sensibilities and ethics. The qualities of knowledge, skill and restraint are revered at the Institute, and are deliberately promoted at all levels of tuition.

What are the career prospects and initial costs?

ConservationExperience has shown that participants on the Institute’s training courses enrol with diverging objectives: Some enter and pursue objects conservation as a primary career, while others have a supplementary vocation in mind - or perhaps only an active retirement.


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